Surface Disinfectant 5 litre | Jerry Can | 85% Alcohol-based

Surface Disinfectant 5 litre | Jerry Can | 85% Alcohol-based

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This disinfectant is an effective surface cleaning fluid for all water-resistant surfaces. The 85% alcohol formula quickly kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses. This ready to use formula can be used at home to clean doors, door handles, tables, chairs, kitchen, bathroom, or training equipment. At the office, it can be applied on desks, kitchen area, canteen, elevator buttons, doors, etc. It can also be used to quickly disinfect equipment and touchpoints in warehouse environments, fleet vehicles and public transport.

The disinfectant is best applied by distributing the fluid into a smaller spray bottle or spray apparatus. The fluid can then be sprayed directly on the surface, or applied with a clean cloth.

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Product information

All alcohol is produced by EHCA Article 95 listed companies.

Specifications & bulk ordering information:

Alcohol qty 85%
Fragrance None
Qty per carton 4pcs
Qty per pallet 128pcs


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