Face Shield

Face Shield

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This face shield can easily be used if you already have glasses.

This face shield is repellent to water, oil, wind and fog. It provides great protection in close contact with e.g. customers and colleagues. The face shield creates a barrier and minimizes the risk of infection, as it covers both the mouth, eyes and nose. The face shield sits comfortably on the face with the included glasses. The visor can be used by private individuals and in the workplace.

Make sure to peel off the protective film from both sides before use.

– Anti-fog coating
– Suitable for adults and children
– Eyeglass lenses no longer fog up when breathing
– Very easy cleaning
– Easy assembly of the face mask
– Your hairstyle is protected when you wear the face shield
– Make-up does not smear when wearing the face shield

Out of stock

Out of stock

Product information


Material Plastic, silicone
Color glasses Transparent &  turquoise silicone
Visor color Transparent
Use Outside & Inside


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